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Napkee support What to do when in need

Visit our Support Community where you can post or view ideas, questions, as well as current problems. We highly suggest visiting this before emailing us directly at or any other contact method since many of the common problems and answers will be posted here.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Napkee installed on my computer. Why can't I install a new version?

It could be that while installing a new version of Napkee, you get this error

The quickest way to solve this is to uninstall/delete your old copy of Napkee and install it from scratch.

I haven't received the license yet. What should I do?

Sometimes it may take a while to receive the license number since there could be some lag in the email delivery queue. We have received complaints from GMail users as well: make sure to check your SPAM folder and search for a mail with the subject "Napkee - License Number" from If you cannot find it, please contact us and we will make sure that everything is fine.
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